About us
In business since 2009, Invester's Consulting & Management offers service packages related to connecting businesses, such as when you plan to establish a new business unit. We also provide services related financial and non-finanical performance management, accounting and taxation in Finland.
We speak your language.
We have competitive prices with high quality standards.


Consulting & Management
  1. Opening new business doors!
    Opening new business doors!
    Our services include designing competitive bids, managing costs to improve cash flow, connecting with key actors in the market network, helping to establish and manage a new business...
  2. Management accounting, financial reporting and taxation
    Management accounting, financial reporting and taxation
    Our services include (transfer) pricing, budgeting, financial reporting and taxation in Finland
  3. Performance management
    Performance management
    Our services include improving learning and change at workplace, designing performance based compensation packages, cost management, capital decision making and integrated cash management
  1. Personal Attention
    Personal Attention
    Personal attention to each specific need is one of the keys to success.
  2. Client Participation
    Client Participation
    Your own participation improves mutual understanding with focus on building and maintaining sustainable business to business relationships.
  3. Managing capitals
    Managing capitals
    Intellectual and structural capitals are sources of major break through. We help you get there.
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